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WITH Dj Nigel John @blacksuede66

The eclectic DJ Nigel John spins choice cuts from pop, the abstract and everything in between. Black Suede Radio is recorded in front of a small audience in Orlando, Florida.

Contact us for your invitation to be a part of the audience.

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bsr: 001

Nigel Walks you through the records that influenced him as a DJ.

bsr. 002

A continuation of the records that influenced Nigel.

bsr. 003

Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Down Tempo and it effect on the current state of Hip Hop.

BSR. 004

Abstract rock, pop and hip hop records that take Nigel down the rabbit hole of no return.

bsr. 005

Early lyrical hip - hop deep cuts Vol. 1

bsr. 006

Early lyrical hip - hop deep cuts Vol. 2

bsr. 007

Its time to get cozy with this slow jam set.