What Makes Me Well

Podcasting has become a fun addition to what we do here at Studio Studio Studio. Many people want to start a podcast but it isn’t easy. We have created the New Podcaster Package which makes starting a podcast very simple.

Asatta Jones is an aerialist, yoga instructor and motivational speaker based in Orlando Florida. Her idea was to create a podcast that focused on “What Makes People Well”. Our new podcaster package was the perfect fit for her. Learn more about what is in the New Podcaster Package here www.studio17tv.com/services

Here is what we created with Asatta:


Branding + Design


podcast engineering

What Makes Me Well is an audio podcast that would occasionally have livestream. We are always excited to learn about what makes people well every time we listened to an episode.

Recording, engineering and delivering the episodes to Asatta is what made us well.

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