Barista Roasters (Concept)

The Challenge

The Studio 17 Creative crew tasked ourselves developing the branding for a coffee shop that we’d love to visit. , What started out as just a fun conversation turned into a fun and creative project.

Our Approach

Our desire was for the branding to be as bold as we imagined the coffee itself would be. Clean lines and type styles are what popped into our heads.

Social media marketing

Cupping is an integral part of the coffee shop culture. This is a time when baristas get together to test new beans to decide on which beans make it to your cup of Joe. Guests are invited into the process via live stream to interact with the Barista Roasters team to ask questions.


Imagine being able to go back in time and be one of the first brands to be a part of Youtube! That is what IGTV is right now. In the social media world, this is still a relatively untapped platform that focuses on vertical video instead of horizontal. It offers a great space for Barista Roasters to publish content that features new roasters, baristas, and guest stories.