Hawkers Asian Street Fare

The Challenge

Hawkers Asian Street FaRe is an Orlando based restaurant who has been providing incredible food and a one of a kind experience to their customers.

When it came to their company headshots they wanted 2 things.

  1. For the photos to not look “corporate” or “boring”.

  2. Capture the individual personalities of their team.

Our Approach

Each member of the team received 2 portraits in 2 different locations in their Downtown Orlando Office. One area is filled with natural light on almost all sides and the other area is a small wall with neon lights. The themes that we landed on were Hawkers Days and Tokyo Nights.

Hawkers Days is the professorial side and Tokyo Nights is themed to look like they are on the streets of Tokyo at night.


We delivered almost 200 professionally retouched images to Hawkers Asian Street Fare. They had a fairly large team and selecting 2 images per member was challenging — so we delivered all the edited images to Hawker. Here are a few highlights.

Hawkers Days-45.JPG
Hawkers Tokyo Nights-61.JPG


The photo session went great and we utilized our “big goofy laugh” method to get the team member smiling big for the camera. We think that the images came out great but of course we are a bit bias.