Evening Routines You Should Be Doing.


Staying on top of your day is a constant battle. With so many things fighting for your attention it is super simple to slip into a black hole of procrastination.

Some of my personal favorite ways to burn some important time that should be focused on hard work are; YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, and if I have enough time left over I visit YouTube.

YouTube is both school and playground for me which is super dangerous to be honest because there isn’t a line or a button that decides which direction I will go.

What good did I do today?
— Ben Franklyn

At the end of a work day you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What progress did I make toward my vision and goals today?

  • What am I grateful for today, specifically?

  • Finally, what improvements can I make with what I learned?

My person routine consists of:

  • Going through my Notion board and seeing what tasks I may have missed.

  • Doing the same for my Tick Tick lists

  • Checking my calendar to see if there is anything early for the next day.

  • Reading

  • Laying out my clothes for the next day

I was reading a few articles about this and I thought that this could be very valuable to our fellow Creatives who find the day hard to navigate and tasks hard to complete. I have dropped a few links below to give you an idea of how helpful a night routine could be for your productivity.

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Do you have a night routine? What does it consist of? Let us know in the comments below.