Phuego's Youtube University Playlist


Dear Creative Entrepreneur,

If anyone knows what it is like to jump off of a building and built the plane on the way down it is me. Briefly my entrepreneurial story goes like this:

All of this branding, photography, film etc literally fell in my lap. Growing up I was always the kid in the back of class that just drew all day long. I was often the best artist in my class and sometimes the best in the school, so I have always been a “creative” (pats self on back).

After spending what felt like an eternity at Boston Market a record label approached me to take over their marketing department for their label and their artists. I told them I had .000000000% experience in graphic design, film, web design, photography, marketing — NONE OF IT!

They said:

Thats fine, we have faith in you.
— Them

One day I literally walked into Boston Market for my shift and 30 minutes later walked out of Boston Market because the call to create was so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. There I was with the opportunity to start something amazing but where the heck do I start? So I enrolled into Youtube University and that is all I did for a year straight.

Then as I learned more terms, I dived deeper and deeper into YouTube. Having to search for specific tutorials over and over started to be a chore so I decided to start saving the videos into a library of sorts. As I grew, the library grew and today there are over 70 videos in that library from the last 10 years of my Creative Career. With topics ranging from: film, photoshop, lighting, marketing, email and more! I still add videos almost monthly.

I would give this unlisted playlist to interns and say the same thing:

Some of this you will need now, some of this you will need later but you need every video in this playlist at some point.
— W. Phuego

Before I get to the link which is going to be totally free to you I want to ask one favor. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or Like us on Facebook. You can do one, you can do both or you can take the playlist and run it is totally up to you. My goal is to share this treasure chest of knowledge with you and my hope is that you find value in it.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.