Ready, Fire, Aim!

As an entrepreneur we have a very specific talent — we are natural observers and problem solvers. We see the world differently than other people (I wanted to say regular people but we are all regular). The biggest part of the entrepreneur's journey is the decision to GO, and the rest will take care of itself but the decision is made. You say to yourself

I’m going to do it, I don’t know how it’s going to work but… I am going to do it!
— You to Yourself

What an incredible moment in one's life when you decide to drop everything and do what you love and are passionate about. I get goosebumps even thinking about the day that I knew that clocking in and out for someone else establishment was not the move for me. Granted some people love their careers/jobs. I was not one of those folks.

Now that the intro is out of the way lets talk about the concept of Ready, Aim, Fire and how that concept has conditioned you to NOT succeed (stick with me here, I am going somewhere)

RAF has 2 waiting periods and a single actual action that will get a result. The problem (IMHO) is aiming. After one has decided to GO they immediately go into “Ready” and they get very lost in “Aim”. 

Inside of “aim” you bump into:

  • Self-doubt

  • Worry

  • Can I afford this? 

  • How am I going to make ends meet?

  • Would anyone buy my product or service?

  • Who is going to help me?

What if you shifted the order of this process, would you have a greater chance of success or at least STARTING?

What if you went with Ready, Fire and then Aim?

I am sure you have heard of the saying that “An entrepreneur jumps off the cliff and builds the airplane on the way down.” Our blessing is that we are deep thinkers and our curse is that we are deep thinkers! So when the analytical brain takes over in an aim phase we will be aiming forever because we will think our way into not doing it. I certainly think that we should get ready because this is the phase where we have found the huge problem that no one is doing anything to fix and we have decided that this is our burden to carry. 

Going directly to Fire after Ready is essentially you jumping off the cliff and doing what you set out to do without all the uncertainty inside of Aim. 

*Disclaimer* I am not telling you to not plan accordingly but I am… kinda. 

The aim is still a thinking phase although the thinking becomes more refinement than the idea killing deep thinking phase. You have already decided to do “the thing”, you have already started doing “the thing” and now its time to take what you learned and refine “that thang!” (Had to add some sauce on it for emphasis)

In conclusion

If you have a great idea, whether it has been validated by someone you respect or not my humble advice to you is to just start. You have been ready but you’re just aiming without any intent on pulling the trigger. The first step is always the hardest but once you start walking you will realize that “It isn’t that bad!”. Have you ever not wanted to go to the gym the entire time on the way to the gym? You get out the parking lot and still don't want to be at the gym and then after you're done you are SO GLAD you went? 

Why is that? Its the drive (not the car drive but the… you get it). Your body doesn’t want to but the mind is made up and literally drags your body to the gym. Your “why” will always lead you but you have to allow it to bring all your dreams to fruition. 

If you have been trapped in the Aim its time to liberate yourself — Pull the trigger. The world needs you!