The Bread Aisle

New ideas are like magic or lightning. They strike fast with so much flair and then poof they are gone. Many people take the time to try and capture that magic in a mason jar of sorts so that they can share that experience that magic with others over and over again.

The person that captures that magic/idea is an entrepreneur and they have big plans for what is in that jar... sometimes.

The one thing that causes people to not act on their big idea or the magic that they captured in their "aha" moment is comparison. The thought is that "the world doesn't need another (insert your idea)" - they then open the jar and let the magic go. There is an incredibly powerful quote that says: If you think that there isn't room for your idea in the world take a walk down the bread aisle.

What does this mean?

Take a look around, competition is everywhere in every industry. There are very few industries where there is a one of one and no competitors and if that business does exist alone, it won't be that way for long. Fast food, clothing, ride-sharing, digital marketing agencies, bloggers are all industries that have a TON of competition. How in the world can your idea stand out?

Let's look at it from another perspective. Instead of looking at how you can compete, what if you focused on the quality of your product or service instead? If you break down the products or services that people pay for it is simple. For example, a photographer takes photos but anyone can do that, right? A chef cooks food but anyone can do that, right?

Think of your favorite chef or your favorite photographer. They have a specific style and aesthetic that on a value scale warrants the price they ask for and we would gladly pay that price. Yes, your idea may not be the first of its kind but you are a one of one. No one sees the world as you do, no one else has had the same experiences that you have had and that is the difference and more importantly, the reason why you should start. A walk down the bread aisle will prove that there is always room for your idea. Each company on those shelves is making bread and the bread aisle is 2 sided and filled to the brim with just bread. Your ultimate decision on which brand to go with is based on how a specific brand makes you feel.

A brand isn't just a logo and a color palette a brand is a feeling. How will your product and or service make your potential customers feel when they engage with you? What if you focused on how your offering makes people feel and not if the world has room for your idea?

To answer the question, YES! There is room for your idea! Our question to you is will you let self-doubt win?