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Fli Dialogues is an exploration of the rituals and disciplines of artists and their artistry, with Kadeem Stewart.

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Demetrius D Watts

Flī Dialogues Episode 3 featuring the straight forward and hilarious Demetrius D Watts. Today I had the opportunity to sit down with the with the truly funny comedian Watts and picked his brain on what it looks to pursue comedy as a black man in the climate of a 2017 America.

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snapchat: demetriusdwatts
IG: www.instagram.com/demetriusdwatts_/

Ej "official Nehs" Nieves

Flī Dialogues Episode 2 featuring the talented and honest Official N.E.H.S. Today I had the opportunity to sit down with the mix media pop culture abstract expressionist, N.E.H.S., to discuss live before the artistry, comics, faith, and relationships.

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IG: www.instagram.com/officialnehs/


Flī Dialogues Episode 1 featuring the beautiful, talented Singer/Song Writer, Kayland. 

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with the soulful Scorpio woman Kayland. Influenced by her grandmother and Jamaican heritage, we address her musical origins, her creative process and what Purple Hues REALLY means to her. Joins us and see what makes this young vibrant singer songwriter tic in an age of social media and political uncertainty.

Feel free to change if it doesnt flow i was spit balling, i wasnt sure what to write

dionysius burton

Dionysius Burton of Dioburto Photography,  is a prime example of a young black man living his best life, creating what he feels the world is missing while simultaneously following his lifeʼs passion of photography and film. I had the opportunity to have a real conversation comparing our experiences as male photographers, finding love and trying to maintain relationships as artists in a field where one constantly finds themselves surrounded by beautiful people. Enjoy

this episode of Fli Di1logues and learn what makes Dion... Well, Dion.



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IAMPVYNE aka the Internally hope Dealer, is a young renaissance man who specializes in the arts of music, photography and curating events in which people can be free in their creatively and their expression. More prominently know from his music we discuss what triggered his re-branding, how his late mother lives though him and elaborates on why Facebook is still relevant in 2018. Since the recording of this episode IAMPVYNE and this W.T.F. Gvng (We The Future) has started  Vestheticz: A Networking Experience, a great creative networking event in the Central Orlando and will be traveling to a city to near you before you know it. Search the hashtag #Vestheticz2018 to find out more about the event. Enjoy episode 006!

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Arrogant Watcher

Whats better than 1 creative by the name of Kadeem, talking about his journey as an artist and photographer? 2 creatives by the name of Kadeem talking about their journeys as artists and photographers... On this episode of Fli Dialogues I sat down with Kadeem Cobham better know as @ArrogantWatcher and we compared wars stories as members of the ‘Kadeem Photography Coalitionʼ. We discuss how passion and research can often time trump a traditional education, his love for street photography and what that looks like as he travels abroad, and how he got his start as a photographer on the music festival scene. I especially enjoyed to interview, sitting down with another “Kadeem” with a scary amount of personal and professional similarities. Enjoy episode 007!

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Fli Dialogues is pleased to have its first returning guest, The Purple Wild Flower Scorpio Goddess, Kayland. We caught up the this scorpio queen before one of her Orlando performances. We discussed her growth from episode 1 to know, the significance of her zodiac sign, and how surreal it is to have +40K spins on her debut project Purple Hues. She opens up and shares some of her personal beliefs and her philosophy's as an artist. If you haven't had a chance to check out our first sit down, take a listen to episode 001.  Enjoy episode 008!

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robb johnson

Who is married, a father of 2, self-taught and creates extremely dynamic and compelling visuals while employing the use of watercolor? Robb Johnson better known as @ArtorRobb is a dynamic watercolor painter that has been creating amazing pieces in the the Central Florida region, don't worry he travels too. Best known for his heroic and colorful athlete pieces, Robb is no one trick Pony. To say Robb and I are kindred spirits would be an understatement, he is a man that just gets it, whatever “it” is. We discussed what balance looks like for a successful artist with a full family and day job and what lead him to the path he travels. Enjoy episode 009!

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Ash leon

The thing about adulthood and self actualization is unlearning the poisonous thoughts that we are taught to be the status quo, just because something is the status quo doesn’t know that it is correct, or that these “normalized” sentiments aren’t dated and in need of refreshing. This episodes guest the Memphis born, non binary conscious wordsmith, Ash Leon. Ash reflects on his music history, what pushed him to make the switch from poet to emcee, and his fight against misogynoir and toxic masculinity in rap and hip hop culture. Our conversation was fun, honest but above all insightful. Enjoy Ep 10