MondayVation Talks Ep: 2 | Shante Pressley

Shante Pressley, Esq. is an Orlando-based attorney, entrepreneur and advocate for civil rights and domestic violence awareness. Her greatest role, however? Mom to her two young children. 

  • We can all be advocates for someone in need. Speaking up for the voiceless is one of the greatest acts of service we can do
  • Having work / life balance means practicing self care. You aren't any good to those you're trying to help if you're not taking care of yourself.
  • Hard work and drive have gotten me where I am today. No one can want for you more than you want for yourself. 
  • Ladies, we really can have it all. The career, love, family. Who says it has to be "either" "or"?  
  • My desire to champion for others was birthed in me as a child. When I stood up for a little brother growing up. I always knew I wanted my life's work to include advocating for people who couldn't do it for themselves. We all deserve to be heard and treated fairly. 
  • All of us have the ability and duty to be an advocate - on any scale. When you see something you know is wrong, say something. Don't let apathy or silence make you part of the problem. Find a worthy cause you want to support, and do what you can where you can. No act is too small when you're helping someone in need. 
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