*Warning you will be reading the word "grateful" a record amount of times. You're welcome!"

Being grateful means being content (Not to confuse contentment with settling). Being grateful means being happy for each and every peak and valley that you have encountered up until this point of reflection. I can litter this blog with quotes about being knocked down and getting back up or with stories about people who overcame incredible odds. My question to you is what is your underdog story? I bet your story can be used to litter this blog.

In my opinion the definition being grateful/thankful is saying to yourself " You know what, I have everything I need. I am truly grateful." As a tech nerd + film maker there is an ever growing amazon list of things that I drool over which I am sure will be obsolete the day after I would purchase it because Apple... but outside of those things I am grateful. 

We have an amazing support system both personal and professional that we are grateful for. We are grateful for you stopping by just to read this, to watch our content or just to be nosey lol we appreciate it. Take a moment today before you go into a food coma this Thursday and take inventory on what you are grateful for and watch the areas of your life that you feel are lack luster shine bright like a diamond (ok that was cheesy, don't judge me)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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