It's Been 6 Months!

We have been in production for a year, launched in June (accidentally lol more on that later) but here we are at the 6 month mark. It is incredible to think about where we were a year and a half ago versus now. Initially we were supposed to launch with a certain amount of shows and ended up launching with more and also ended up adding more than we expected (which is a GREAT thing). The core of my team have been with me for almost 2 years and those guys... *sniffles* Thank y'all!

The launch date was pushed back so many times mainly because I didn't feel like it was time or that we weren't ready. I was prepared and I had a solid plan that has been panning out well even till this day but the real reason was because I felt it was a bad time. I would consider a date, share it with my team then push the date back at the last minute. An opportunity presented itself to be aired on a major outlet in the city and we took the shot BUT where would the content lead to? There was all this "Studio 17 TV" branding on the video, a URL that was being paid for that only we knew about, constant lay out changes it was a mess!

So in order to not lose the potential traffic to the site, I sent a message to our team communication app that read "Hey the content is done, it came out great! Oh and we are launching the network at noon!" it was 10 am so you can imagine the scramble my team went through.

"The videos or the whole network?

Whole network

"Noon today?!"


"Like today, today?"

Yep yep!

For so long we were trying to figure out:

How do we launch?

What type of strategy are we going to use?

All that went out the window and on June 1, 2016 we launched using the outlet as a cosign. It was rushed but we were ready because we had a strategy out the gate so we weren't hurting for content. What happened after that was nothing short of magical (proud of myself for that line). The reception was amazing, we made a new friend and that friendship soon became a working partnership so our content now airs on This week we sit down with a national network who reached out to us to air our content on their network. 6 months in and we are months away from national television, incredible.

What can you take from that story? If you wait until you are ready then you will never be ready. They say an entrepreneur is a person that jumps off a cliff and builds the plane on the way down. That remains true for our story as well, we were ready but thinking that you are not ready can be crippling. Some times you need to ready, fire AND THEN aim because we spend so much time aiming that we never fire. *Major Key*

Our voice as a network has evolved since launch and we are proud of it's new tone and pitch. We want to display Orlando in a way that gives people who live here a reason to be proud of it and the people who don't live here a reason to visit that doesn't require a theme park ticket purchase. The team is more focused that ever and we plan on changing the perception of the city of Orlando. There is much more on the horizon so here's to the future!

- W. Phuego


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