It's Official!

Have you ever had to keep a secret? Not a secret, secret (saying the word the second time adds emphasis) but more like big news that no one - I mean NO ONE can know! Now do you remember the feeling of finally being able to tell someone? I am about to have that moment. Here is the story of how we ended up signing a deal with PBS. 

Long story short:

Not too long after launching we met + became partners with a very dope hyper local news source who began airing + powering our show The District on their website.

A few months after that I received an email from a gentleman named Dr. Phil Hoffman (not that Dr Phil) that said something along the lines of - "Hey we love what you are doing + would like to talk about working together to share your content on PBS".

*Googles Dr. Phil Hoffman* Then I said to myself - Self you are being trolled because this Dr Phil has won several Emmy awards + we have barely been around for 6 months!

Heres what I was told happened + since I'm a film maker I saw the entire short film in my mind: Phil said he was sitting in his office + one of the interns bursts into his office then shows him one of our episodes of The District that he saw on, shoves his phone into Phil's face + says "Is this what you are looking for?" I'm assuming Phil said "AW HELL YEAH" in his best Stone Cold Steve Austin voice!

Long story even shorter:

Several months of conversations + meetings later we shook hands on an agreement that airs our content every hour on WUCFTV Central Floridas PBS station with the potential for national exposure + complete creative control (the last part is my favorite)! My goal with this network has always been (picture this in your mind) to take a beautiful silver platter - place all of the dopest (by my definition) things about Orlando onto it -then take that platter + SPLASH it into peoples faces online. With this opportunity I get a bigger silver platter to splash even more people but on TV this time!

What does this mean?

It means that we now are able to do more of the things we were already doing + a host of things that we weren't able to do before. We have two solid partners that are aligned with a single thought "Make Orlando Great Aga..." uh never mind come back to me ill have a better slogan. I have always felt that Orlando has a bad rap (rap or wrap *shrugs). People think its boring + thats unfair to the city. We will continue to present the city in a way that encourages residents + visitors to wander a bit more. We will continue to produce consistent quality content that you can proudly share a link to a friend + say

"Yeah, they are from Orlando! Told you this city was dope!"

Cheers to 2017 #Studio2017 (see what I did there - you're welcome!)

- W. Phuego

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