Become an Astronaut!

We are building a solar system!

Not literally but stick with me I am going somewhere with this. As children many of us wanted to be astronauts but life happened & some of us chose other paths. The closest we get to space is a click of a play button on netlfix!

When you think about what a solar system is, it is basically a group of planets, a group of worlds! We assume that we are alone in our solar system & I of course am not an expert on solar systems but I am an expert on metaphors (sometimes)!

Each of our shows by our curators as well as original Studio 17 productions are all individual planets, individual worlds in our Orlando film solar system. You as the viewers are the fortunate ones because you get to live out that childhood dream of being an astronaut. Visiting each show is like visiting a new planet, each with their own unique atmospheres & experiences & when you're done with one you just hop to the next planet!

New planets are coming soon so keep your moon boots close!

(told you I was good at metaphors)

- W. Phuego