Ello Ello!

You know that one friend that is studying for a final exam like the bar or other tests that require you to crawl into a hermit cave filled with junk food and debating on if you made the right career choice - Then out of no where BOOM they are back on the scene and better than ever?

Yeah - thats us BOOM and better than ever!

We have been in an intense we mean "in (clap) TENSE (clap)" production period. We have added some new members to our team, we have a brand new office/studio and boy oh boy do we have some things planned for you. Of course you cant be at every shoot, meeting or office hangout but through the magic of the internet *and an iphone camera* we have taken a ton of photos for you to skim through.

Our #SummerAllTheThings campaign was soo much fun - it was great to sweat and get several shades darker thanks to all that out door shooting (sarcasm). Those 3 months felt more like 3 weeks! It is now officially fall and we are so excited about our fall line up.

We have a brand new show that will change the way you watch the news - imagine if watching the news was not depressing and made you want to keep your doors locked. We would like to introduce you to News Pop Orlando's source for positive hyper-local news. That airs each and every weekday!

Long story even longer - The Content Factory (what we call ourselves) is gearing up to shine an even brighter light on what is going on in our city with brand new shows and more episodes of the current shows that we know you love. Your friend is done studying for the bar - passed it and is back and ready to hang out again. 

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