City Wide Speak Easy

Orlando (in my opinion is a city wide speak easy) stick with me I am going somewhere with this...

First off what exactly is a speak easy? By definition it is an establishment that illegally sold alcohol during the prohibition era where liquor was illegal. So these places were created to feed the thirst (pun intended) for their fix. The interesting thing about these places is that they weren't visible to the naked eye! You had to know that they were there or else you would completely ignore the place. If you were lucky enough to know where one was there was still another step to gain access to the establishment. Large doors, sliding peep holes, large guards & passwords were the trademarks that remain til this day. Liquor is no longer illegal but the concept of exclusivity remains.

That's the best description that I have for this city, its unassuming & you would walk right by it. It is a city wide speak easy! Orlando isn't laid out on a platter, you must posses a sense of exploration to enjoy this city. Remember when you stumbled across that band or musician, that restaurant or boutique that NO ONE knew about. Remember how you felt? It's an intimate relationship isn't it? It's yours but then it goes mainstream & you have to convince people that you knew about it long before everyone else did & of course they do not believe you.

Look around? A city under construction is a city with a plan for the future! Our goal as a network is provide a map of "speak eases", show you the city, introduce you to its culture, its people, its beauty (pun intended)! 

We will show you the doors but like pokemon go, you have to walk to the poke stops to discover what is waiting for you! (sorry I had to cause...yeah... dont judge me!)

- W. Phuego

p.s. there are many speak eases in the city, Im just going to put that out there, go explore!

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