host Devyni Hightower @DevyniStyles

Fashion blogger and fashion stylist Devyni Hightower - has "Stylish Conversations" with some of Orlando's most stylish people. 

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ash cash money of closet freekz

Ash Cash Money is a 27 year old power house entrepreneur and founder of - Ash shares how she took her business from her apartment to the Florida Mall in 3 short years and how she dealt with recent shoplifters! 

Cheyenne Kimora

26 year old self taught seamstress/stylist to the stars Cheyenne Kimora.

nigel elliott

Photographer, graphic designer and creative director Nigel Elliott.

kerry the stylist

Kerry the stylist is an Orlando based fashion stylist and barber

Spring day part Do's + Don'ts

It is almost Day Party Season - Here are some Do's & Don'ts when it comes to looking your very best.